Summer 2020 Grant Cycle – Guidelines

The Longwood Foundation is committed to being responsive to the needs of our community and nonprofit organizations. An unprecedented additional summer grant cycle is being offered to get COVID-informed funding out to the community sooner than the planned fall grant cycle. The deadline for applications is June 5, 2020 at 11:59 pm.

The Application Process

Eligibility: The Longwood Foundation accepts grant requests from nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations located in and/or benefiting the residents, environment, or culture of the state of Delaware and within a four-mile radius of Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. If you are eligible for a grant request with us in the fall of 2020, you are eligible for either the summer or fall cycle this year (or any cycle after that). Organizations that have previously applied are asked not to re-approach the Longwood Foundation with a funding request within two years of a previous request, regardless of whether the proposal was approved or declined. Therefore, if you are not eligible for the fall of 2020 because of a past grant request, then your past grant agreement or declination letter governs when you can return to Longwood for another request.

Application Process: The Longwood Foundation typically operates two grant cycles per year, with proposal deadlines of March 1 and September 1. In response to the coronavirus pandemic, an additional summer grant cycle has been added, with a deadline of June 5. The Foundation utilizes an electronic Grants Management System for application submissions. When preparing for a proposal, please review the other pages on the website to view the Foundation’s values, FAQs for the summer cycle, and information on the summer & fall 2020 grant life cycles. Prior to beginning an application, organizations should visit Guidestar to either create a profile or review/update their current profile. Applications must be submitted through the online system and late submissions will not be considered. 

In light of the anticipated demand, there will be no preparatory meetings ahead of the summer or fall grant cycles. However, we have created a special inbox where you can send questions: We will prioritize answering these questions quickly as you prepare your grant requests. Questions sent to a Longwood team member’s personal email may not be returned as quickly as those submitted to this address.

Zoom Meetings: As part of the proposal evaluation, every organization submitting a request will be granted a Zoom meeting to discuss their proposal with a Longwood team member. These meetings assist Longwood Foundation staff in better understanding the organization, its leadership, and the proposal in order to support the Trustees’ decision making. During these meetings, Longwood Foundation staff will ask many questions about the request, the requesting organization, and the proposed impact of the application. Staff may email questions in advance, with nonprofits asked to respond either during or within two weeks of the meeting. Note that there will be no in-person meetings or site visits through the remainder of 2020, for everyone’s safety. Since we are expecting a dramatic increase in the number of applications, please know that we are pulling our entire team of five into the grant review process, so you may work with a different Longwood team member than you have in the past.

For additional information on the grant cycle, including information on grant decisions and distribution of funds, please see the Grant Life Cycle At-A-Glance document.


How To Apply

Application Contents: The application contains separate sections asking for an executive summary, organization information, financial information, information on the coronavirus’ impact, information on the current request, and information on the population served. A blank copy of the application can be viewed in the link below, with mandatory questions starred in red. Please note that the application must be completed electronically using the grants management system. This document is only provided for the convenience of prospective applicants to help plan their submissions. Late applications or those outside of the electronic grants management system will not be accepted. This application is subject to change and is only indicative of the summer 2020 requirements. 

Summer 2020 Application Questions

How To Apply: Applications are only accepted electronically through the Longwood Foundation grants management system. Please note that this is a shared application portal with the Welfare and Crestlea Foundations. While this is a shared portal, the foundations are separate entities with individual requirements and deadlines. Please ensure that you are using the Longwood Foundation application. The application deadline for summer 2020 is June 5. The application for the fall grant cycle is September 1. Note that the fall 2020 application will be available later this summer. 

Apply Now: Use the link below to apply now using the Longwood Foundation grants management system.


Links & Documents

Blank Application: A blank copy of the application can be viewed at the link below. Note that the application must be submitted electronically and this document has only been provided to assist with application preparation. This application is subject to change and is only indicative of the summer 2020 requirements. 

Questions? Send an email to