Applicant FAQ

In each grant cycle, there are about 70 requests. There are typically $2.5 of request for every $1 available to grant. So, unfortunately, the Longwood Foundation’s grant decisions are a competitive process.  The Foundation is seeking and prefers requests with ambitious outcomes, a thoughtful and rigorous plan, and the organizational capacity to deliver (financial, leadership, experience, and more). The track record of the organization and its leadership are important factors in the decision making process.

1.What must we provide to apply for a grant?

Eligible organizations must complete all of the required questions on the application which includes separate sections for an executive summary, organization information, financial information, information on the current request, and information on the population served. A copy of the blank application (for preparation purposes only) can be found in a link off of the Guidelines page.

2. How often may we apply?

An organization is asked not to re-approach the Longwood Foundation with a funding request within two years of a previous request, regardless of whether or not the proposal was approved or declined.

3. Do you fund programs and operating as well as capital projects?


4. How often should we send a progress report?

Within 15 months of the grant decision, the Longwood Foundation asks organizations receiving funds to provide an update on the project via an online Progress Report (though the Grants Management System).  The Progress Report form can be accessed by logging into the online system where the application was submitted.    

5. Is there a special format for progress reports?

The Progress Report form will ask whether the project is proceeding on schedule and for the organization to address progress toward meeting the outcomes agreed upon when the grant was awarded.  There is also space to upload additional information, at the organization’s discretion.  This may include pictures, news articles, narrative summaries, etc.  

6. When do you make grant decisions?

The Longwood Foundation Board of Trustees meet in May and November to make grant decisions for the respective cycles.  Within two weeks of their meeting, every requesting organization will receive a phone call in which the outcome is shared.  

7. How many grant requests do you receive each cycle?

The Foundation typically receives between 60-80 requests per cycle. There are usually about $2.50 in requests for every $1 available to grant.

8. Is there a maximum grant amount we may request?

No. However, keep in mind a few factors. Does the organization have a past relationship with the Longwood Foundation? What other support is available for the project? What is the organization’s and leader’s experience with the type of project being proposed? How many people will be touched or affected by the project? Does the organization have the capacity to complete the work? Where will funding come from after Longwood funds are depleted? Additionally, the Trustees prefer to fund no more than half of the total cost of a project.

9. May we make changes to a request that we have already submitted?

Yes. After you submit, you will have the opportunity to meet with Longwood Foundation staff. Often, as a result of that meeting, it is determined that additional info is needed. You will receive a link to upload the additional information.

10. How soon will we receive funds after being advised of our award?

After an organization receives notification of an award, they will receive a link to your Grant Agreement.  This must be signed by the Executive Director and Board Chair. It contains the particulars of the grant, such as the length of the grant, amount, outcomes agreed upon, etc. After that is returned, a check will be issued within a week or two. Contingency grants are paid when the challenge agreed to has been met and the Longwood Foundation receives written notification.  

11. If I am taking over responsibility for the grant requests for my nonprofit, how do I get access to previous requests?

Call the Longwood Foundation to have the account transferred.